message+method+art (tm)


Leveling the playing field. Unified Media offers affordable, quality, end-to-end communications, marketing, web, and design services to small- and medium-sized businesses traditionally only available to large firms.

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Unified Media is a full-service marketing and communications firm specializing in message, visual design, and web development. Our slogan, "message, method, art," comes from our commitment to the whole product and the business needs of our clients. While many firms are happy to provide commodity web and graphics services, we are not. We look at problems holistically, and tailor solutions to meet individual business and budgetary needs.

Our services range from consultations to long-term partnerships. We are well suited to act as a seamless, cost-effective, outsourced partner to small- and medium-sized businesses or to provide additional perspective and staffing elasticity to larger organizations.

While many principles of communications, design, and customer interaction transcend various businesses, each has unique needs. We are ready to listen to your story and help make it heard.

We are based in the Baltimore-Washington DC Metro Area (USA) and service clients worldwide.