message+method+art (tm)


Think before you speak. Before the first graphic is drawn or the first line of code written you must define your message. Message precedes everything because it is the foundation of your strategy. It defines the value proposition and identifies products and audience. Message is the first conversation we have with all our clients.


Make your mark. Your brand is the sum of all your parts though it can often be reduced to a couple of words by those that know you.

When you think of Apple Computers what words come to mind? Clean, beautiful, simple? How about Sony? Companies with powerful, successful brands work very hard to make sure that the right words come to mind when you see their products. In the world of branding, either you actively manage your image or it will be managed for you. Your brand is a lot more than your logo (though we do those too). Let us help you shape your message.

Writing Services

Choose your words carefully. Your words are the foundation of your brand. Through them we will help you reinforce product and goals with your employees and provide the necessary context, presence, and product differentiation needed to attract and retain customers. We provide a full range of writing services including the following.

  • Web site content
  • Blog writing
  • Ad copy
  • Press release writing
  • Content taxonomies / vocabularies


Get the word out. We will help you craft an integrated advertising campaign using the mediums appropriate for your situation. Advertising services consist of writing services, graphic and web design, marketing mix analysis, and campaign tracking / return on investment analysis.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is alive and well. Whether your requirements lead us to develop ads for newsprint, magazine, subway billboards, or the side of a bus, we will help you develop a consistent, cohesive campaign. We have expertise working with print vendors and publications to ensure that your needs are met and your project is well managed end-to-end.

Online Advertising

The Internet just might catch on. Online advertising comes in many forms and can be a difficult landscape to navigate. There are many mechanisms to promote your product, but which will be productive? Let us help you pick the right channels and then design and execute your campaign. Following are some of the more popular online advertising tools we use.

  • Rich / HTML email
  • Web-based text, graphical, and animated ads
  • Google Ad Words (for Google and Google Adsense properties)
  • Microsoft adCenter (for Bing and Yahoo!)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Advertise directly with an online property (e.g. news, journals, entertainment, shopping)
  • Google Mobile Ads
  • iAd (Apple Mobile Advertising)