message+method+art (tm)

Graphic Design

Any size, any medium. Whether you need to wrap a bus or design a postage stamp, we are ready to take on your project. We have designed just about every form of graphic you can imagine. Let us help you paint your picture, find your color, and arrange your words in a way that makes your customers take pause.

While principles of design transcend medium, each medium has its own strengths and limitations. Good designers (that’s us) understand how to maximize utility and deliver art with a purpose. Some art, by design, fades into the background, some provides subtle visuals cues, and some is loud and captivating. We often hear clients say “I want it to pop” or “I want it to be really clean.” We actually know what that means. Let us work with you to find your visual voice.

Visual Identity

Clean and consistent. We offer a full suite of services designed to shore up your visual presence. While logo design is important, it is of course not the entirety of good visual branding. From total branding/rebranding to designing individual components to complement your existing look, we provide fast, professional work.

  • Logo design
  • Collateral (letterhead, business cards, folders, brochures, flyers, newsletters)
  • Visual standards guides
  • Templates (MS PowerPoint and Word)
  • Typography / layout
  • Annual reports
  • Conference materials
  • Display graphics
  • T-shirts
  • Conference booth design

Print Design

Endless applications. Not only will we design it, but we will help you find the right service bureau to print, cut, bind, mount, stuff, or mail your final product. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with the print industry for a long time and will help you make good, cost effective business decisions when designing and producing your materials.

  • Typography / layout
  • Annual reports
  • Conference materials
  • Display graphics
  • T-shirts
  • Conference booth design
  • Preflight/prepress/press (vendor) management

Business Graphics

Spice it up. Most businesses understand the need for good visuals when producing a brochure but lose sight when it comes to day-to-day graphics. In order to carry your message forward consistently, the same standard for excellence needs to be applied to your business graphics.

Let us help you design a stunning presentation, make your customer’s day by building an intelligent fillable PDF form, or present your data with greater force through compelling graphs. Following is a sample of business graphics we offer.

  • Presentations
  • Proposals
  • Forms (print and fillable PDFs)
  • Graphics, graphs, and charts
  • Scientific figures (prepare for journals)

Photo Manipulation

Picture perfect. Do you have a photo that’s almost perfect for the cover of your annual report or an historical image that is showing its years? While there is a combination of art and science in most of our services, this one is really just art.

We can make just about any modification to an image you’d like including removing bends or a furrowed brow, or adding an object entirely. Edits often can be made seamlessly. Think it’s impossible? Let us take a look.

  • Touchup composition
  • Airbrush skin, teeth, eyes
  • Redeye removal
  • Object removal or addition
  • Damaged photo restoration
  • Enhancement
  • Color correction