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Web Services

Soup to nuts. Building web sites encompasses a wide range of skills including business planning, interface design, backend development, and server support. We understand this cycle and as such are able to guide you past common pitfalls, make the best use of your content, and select the most appropriate technologies.

Standards-based Design

There’s a right way and a wrong way. Web standards are becoming increasingly more important as the web and mobile web markets mature. Standards-based design isn’t just beautiful to developers, but it means you will capture a greater portion of your audience at lower development costs.

Your site instantly becomes more portable to the smart phone market, and becomes more accessible to screen readers, audio, visual, and tactile display devices. Additionally, sites built on common standards are more maintainable, thus reducing costs.

Buzzword Compliant

HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, tableless design, and more. Read more about the technologies we employ in Core Technologies.

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Get-Well Rehabilitation
International Food Policy Research Institute
Color Pigments Manufactures Association

Content Management

Keeping all your ducks in a row. Content management systems (CMS) provide structured frameworks for publishing to the web. Determining which CMS to use can be daunting. Some have generalized designs, where others are focused on a particular niche. Consideration about cost, capabilities, support, future development, third-party development, and technology stack must all be weighed carefully.

We spend considerable time following the CMS market. We typically deploy one of several open source PHP/MySQL-based CMSes including Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, and Typo3. Possible features include:

  • Easily updatable content (no need to call in an expert)
  • Easily manage both front end and back end users
  • Content versioning
  • Workflows with approvals
  • Integrated search
  • Social media integration
  • The ability to publish content across multiple platforms

CMS support services include:

  • Customization to support your business needs
  • Data management
  • Template design / theme development
  • Custom publishing workflows
  • Custom modules and code
  • Product support
  • Product updates and transition paths

Web Graphics

Pixel perfect. Developing web graphics requires a strong understanding of how the web works. Not all graphics are equal. Sometimes beautiful design in print can be a disaster on the web. Principles of user interaction and interface, as well as business logic and goals must be considered. Designers must also be aware of technological limitations such as browser support of HTML, JavaScript, and other factors. Our multidisciplinary team will help you find your visual voice on the web.

  • Mockups
  • Wireframes
  • Motion and still graphics
  • On demand graphics

Social Media

Everybody’s talking about it. Social media for your business or nonprofit is about engaging your audience by creating value. In turn, those that you reach will amplify your voice. By actively engaging, you help shape the conversation rather than allowing it to be controlled for you. If you do not enter the conversation, you will be out of it. A number of tools exist to help you find your social voice. Let us work with you to build a strategy and enable the tools for you to find success.

Following are a sampling of social media services we offer.

  • Social media strategy / publishing workflows
  • Google / Bing / Yahoo! local setup
  • Youtube account setup and channel customization / skinning
  • Facebook group, page, and profile setup
  • Facebook API / site integration
  • Twitter account setup and skinning
  • ShareThis integration (social media sharing tool for your site)
  • Other social tools such as SlideShare, Uservoice, and RSS

Additional Services

Too much stuff for a little box. Following are a few more services we offer that didn’t fit well in another section. If you don’t see it listed and are curious if we do it, drop us a line. The web is a pretty big place, but we have been around it a few times.

  • Web site analysis and strategy consulting
  • HTML e-mail design
  • Accessibility standards / section 508
  • Google Maps API
  • Various weather APIs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Sitemaps
  • Google Webmaster Tools setup and error fixing
  • Google Analytics setup, customization, and integration into Adwords and Adsense